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General Papers

Time-resolved Measurements of Wakes behind a harbor-vibrissa-shaped cylinder at different attack angles
Yingzheng LIU, Shaofei Wang
Flow over a Square Cylinder Controlled by Synthetic Jet Positioned at the Rear Surface
Yuan Qu, Jinjun Wang
Fast PSP Measurements in Low Speed Flows: Improvements Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Di Peng, Shaofei Wang, Weizhe Wang, Yingzheng Liu
Three-dimensional shock wave and fragment tracking for warhead characterization
Kyle Winter, Michael John Hargather, Sivaram Gogineni
Surface flow topology visualizations of wings with leading-edge tubercles under pitch, yaw and roll conditions
zhaoyu wei, T.H. New, Y.D. Cui
In-situ photopolymerization of monodisperse and discoid oxidized methacrylated alginate microgels in a microfluidic device
Shuo Wang, Chang Kyoung Choi
Experimental investigation on aero-optical aberration of interactions between laminar/turbulent boundary layer and shock wave
Haolin Ding, Shihe Yi, Dundian Gang, Yu Wu, Lin He
Visualization of Trapping and Membrane Integrity of Swimming Bacteria in an Optoelectric Trap
Avanish Mishra, Thora Maltais, Thomas M. Walter, Alexander Wei, Stuart J. Williams, Steven T. Wereley
The visualization of flow pattern in various intracranial aneurysm morphologies
Ming-Wen Wang, Yen-Jun Lai
Error Propagation dynamics of PIIV-based pressure calculation
ZHAO PAN, Jared Whitehead, Tadd Truscott

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