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General Papers

Quantitative study of single particles interaction force by combined atomic force microscopy / optical tweezers (AFM/OT)
Tomasz Aleksander Kowalewski, Filippo Pierini, Krzysztof Zembrzycki, Pawel Nakielski, Sylwia Pawlowska
Dynamic behavior of droplets impinging onto a slender circular cylinder
DongHa Kim, Kyung Chun Kim
Flow Boiling Visualization in Metal-foam-filled Mini Tubes
Gholamreza Bamorovat Abadi, Kyung Chun Kim
Flow structures of a cylindrical pendulum in flow-induced vibration
Junyoung Kim, Minho Song, Daegyoum Kim
Numerical Visualization of Flow and Heat transfer on 3-D μ-CT Scanned Open Cell Metal Foam
Chanhee Moon, Kyung Chun Kim
Development of Three-dimensional Optical Correction Method for Flow Analysis in Droplet
Han Seo Ko
Vortex Structure and Instability of Flow Over Heaving and Pitching Foils
hamidreza karbasian, Kyung Chun Kim
Dynamic Behavior of Heterogeneous Impinging Droplets onto High Temperature Plate
Choong Hyun Lee, Kyung Chun Kim
Time-Resolved Visualization of Blast Waves Around Various Obstacles Using Colored Background Oriented Schlieren Technique (CBOS) compared with Interferometry and CFD Simulations
Daniel Klatt
Irina Znamenskaya, Ekaterina Koroteeva, Fyodor Glazyrin, Tahir Kuli-Zade
Numerical Visualization of Cloud Particles with Different Diameters in Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
Arman Safdari, Kyung Chun Kim
Time Resolved PIV Measurement of Pulsating Flows in 3D Stenosis Blood Vessels
hyeonji hong, Kyung Chun Kim, Ho Seong Ji, Hyun Dong Kim
Quantitative Visualization of Temperature Field on Curved Surface Cooled by Impinging Jet Using Thermographic Phosphor
Mirae Kim, Kyung Chun Kim
Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Velocity Field in a Hot-Oil Jet Using Temperature Sensitive Phosphor Particles
Dong Kim, Hyun Dong Kim, Kyung Chun Kim
Using CIP Method to Visualize Oscillatory Flows in Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
Hossein Dabir, Kyung Chun Kim
Visualization of micro-scale reactions and microfluidics in PEMECs for high-efficiency energy storage
Jingke Mo, Zhenye Kang, Bo Han, William Barnhill, Gaoqiang Yang, Feng-Yuan Zhang
Visualization of Particle Motions in Micro Toroidal Vortex Generated by Rapid Electrokinetic Patterning Process
YINING MA, Dong Kim, Kyung Chun Kim
Optical property detection of thermochromics molecules dependig temperature change
Iltai (Isaac) Kim, Mark Olson
Density Measurements of Cross Flow/Side-Jet Interaction Field by Computed Tomography (CT) Reconstruction using Colored-Grid Background Oriented Schlieren (CGBOS) Technique
Realistic Representation of Atmospheric Clouds Depends on a Combination of Computed Physical Quantities
Shintaro Kawahara, Ryo Onishi, Keigo Matsuda, Fumiaki Araki, Koji Goto, Keiko Takahashi
Multiple sequential Marangoni instabilities and surface-adsorbable macromolecules for uniform deposits inspired by whisky
Hyoungsoo Kim
Ekaterina Koroteeva
Visualization of Frost Propagation Using SPR Imaging Microscopy
Chan Ho Jeong, Seong Hyuk Lee, Dong Hwan Shin, Vinaykumar Konduru, Jeffrey S Allen, Chang Kyoung Choi
Visualization of droplet entrainment generated from interaction with falling film flow and lateral air flow
Hansol Kim, Jong Rok Kim, Dong Jin Euh, Jae Young Lee
Visualization of film Reynolds number generated from interaction with falling film flow and lateral air flow
Hansol Kim, Jong Rok Kim, Dong Jin Euh, Jae Young Lee

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