Study of steam flow velocity measurement using focused air-coupled ultrasonic velocity profiler


Last modified: 2016-03-22


The air-coupled ultrasonic velocity profiler for steam flow measurement is developed. A new ultrasonic sensor for air-coupled ultrasonic measurement was manufactured and measurement system was developed for steam flow measurement. The air-coupled ultrasonic sensor has a matching layer to reduce the acoustic reflection between sensor and the air. In addition, developed ultrasonic sensor has a round surface to focus ultrasonic beam. Focused ultrasonic beam has high intensity in narrow beam width that enables to detect droplets in steam jet flow. For the demonstration of  steam jet measurement, steam jet flow was measured by ultrasonic velocity profiler with developed focused ultrasonic sensor. The steam jet is produced from the electrical boiler, and the steam pressure is 0.1 MPa G. The steam flow rate was measured by the vortex flowmeter. The steam jet flowed out from pipe whose inner diameter is 16 mm. The average flow velocity was measured by the vortex flowmeter and the steam jet flow velocity was measured by developed ultrasonic velocity profiler. The velocity results of steam jet flow are in good agreement with the averaged flow velocity in the main stream of the jet flow. According to this result, the probability of the steam flow measurement by air-coupled ultrasound is revealed.

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