One-page poster entries for possible technical presentations should be submitted on-line through the ISFV17 website. They will be reviewed by Scientific Committee members. Note that there is no full-length manuscript required for this conference. Instead an one-page poster entry will consist of photographic displays of flow visualizations and flow analysis with innovative visualization techniques. The poster should be prepared in accordance with the samples below.

The accepted and presented entries may also be recommended for publication in Measurement Science & Technology, and Journal of Visualization based on originality, innovative feature of the visualization technique, and the ability to convey and exchange information.

Examples of Poster Entries


These two sample posters were published in the August Issue of 2015 Journal of Heat Transfer. The entry can be submitted from the following "Login page for new author" until Dec. 15, 2015.

Download Template

Download Template!

Entry Submission

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    Open the Login page for new author and click [Create New Account] button. Please enter your personal information.
  2. Login
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  3. Go to "User Home" and Click on "Author". In order to complete submission, follow the instruction.

For more details about submission, please click here.


  • Only one page entry through "Online Submission System" is acceptable.
  • All the entries must follow the same format as shown above.

- Tracks -

  1. PIV/PTV
  2. Micro and Nano-fluidics, Micro-gravity Flows
  3. Mechanical, Chemical and Bio-inspired engineering
  4. Heat and Mass Transfer
  5. Multiphase Flow, Droplets
  6. High-speed and Transient Phenomena
  7. Turbulent Flow
  8. Aerodynamics and Compressble Flows
  9. Reactive Flows, Combustion
  10. Numerical Visualization
  11. LIF, PSP and Scalar measurement
  12. Image Processing
  13. Industrial Applications
  14. Environmental Flows
  15. Artistic visualization
  16. Neutron Radiographic Imaing
  17. Others


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